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How to Login

Written by PSL Recruitment Training

Login to PSL Recruitment Health & Safety Training

Once your account is setup, we'll send your login details by email.

You can use the login details from the email to login - or - just use the auto "Login Link" to automatically fill in your Name and Company Name, only requiring you to enter the supplied Password.

Forgotten Password? Contact us to reset it. Read more about Forgotten Passwords here.

Large Organisation? Your organisation may have multiple accounts (such as locations or departments), in that case you may need to change the "Company Name" field from 'PSL Recruitment' to your specific location. e.g. 'PSL Recruitment (East London)'. 

Login Explanation

  1. Type in your Login Details into the 3 login fields on the Login page.

    • First & Last Name: Type in your first and last name into the "First & Last Name" field. e.g. John Smith-Jones, do not include any middle names. This will not be your email address.
    • Password: Your password would originally be setup by your Account Manager. Once you have been given your password enter it into the "Password" field, spaces and CapiTaliSatioN do matter. e.g. Skiggle_Puff86i0
    • Company Name: Sometimes this can be left as shown by default. You may need to enter a different company name if your user account cannot be found.
  2. Click on the Login button. If you're having trouble, please contact us.
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